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MyBurger : Introduction

A GNU/GPL project hosted on Sourceforge.net


Why this project ?

I have been thinking about developing a fast food simulation game, but I can hardly make everything myself (code, graphics, music) and obtain a high quality for this game.

That’s why, for the first time ever I’m considering about creating this project and have it hosted by Sourceforge so that developers (you) can contribute to it.

I would like this project to remain open-source and freeware, and every contributor should be thanked by credits on the game’s dedicated web site and in the game itself.

If you consider helping me developing this game, just read the following, so you can get any useful information to start contributing.


Who am I ?

My nickname is Nairolf. I’ve had this nickname since early 90’s :-)
Of course I have a real name : Florian Robardet.
I was born in 1980 and I live in France.

After having been webmaster for a while, I’m now teaching computers to pupils and students of agricultural high schools.

I can use a graphic authoring program but I’m not really a graphist.
I can use a soundtracker but I’m not really a sound composer.
I can develop small applications in Delphi for Windows but I don’t feel like a software engineer.
I know how to make a web site and that’s a good start for promoting my project :-)
And, I think I’m not so bad at English so you should understand me so far.

I am looking for people to help me develop this game.
I hope “MyBurger” will be a nice project.
Of course we can always consider changing the name, if you have a better idea, just submit it!


How can you help ?

First, start registering on Sourceforge if you haven’t done so.
As they say, it’s quick, painless, and (that’s the best part of it), it’s free !

Then, consider what you can do, and what you prefer to do.

Graphists / I am looking for someone who can do nice graphics and pictures for the game.
Musicians / I am also looking for someone who can make a music for the game.
Coders / I am, obviously, looking for developers who can code in Delphi, but also in Kylix for porting the game under Linux systems. People who can code in PHP/MySQL are welcome as I am considering about developing a web-based version of the game (w or w/o interaction between players)

Currently, I feel great being the project manager, webmaster and scenario writer for this project. But any help, suggestion or ideas are welcome :-)


This project is still under development.
If you want to contribute, visit our Sourceforge page for any useful information.




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