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MyBurger : Technical Guidelines

A GNU/GPL project hosted on Sourceforge.net


For developers

The game should be developed with Delphi, so it could be played on Windows 32-bit OS.

Delphi allows an easy conversion to Kylix in order to compile the game for Linux OS.

Graphics involved in the game should be in an open source format, or at least, a graphic format that can be used cross-platform (PNG should be the best, but GIF and JPEG are allowed)

Music involved in the game should be the most compatible as possible.
MP3 allows great quality for a fair filesize but it’s not the best ever for videogames musics.

The XM (extended module) fileformat is interesting as it contains only once the WAV files for instruments, and the melody written in a MIDI-like way. But I don’t know yet if XM music can be played on Linux OS with a plugin (on Windows, the library NPMOD32.DLL can allow easily to play XM files in a Delphi application)

MP3 is an interesting fileformat for sound effects, unless we find a better format later.

At that point, any ideas are welcome.

The game should not involve requirements like DirectX which are dedicated to Windows and are not supported by Linux. The game should remain easy to develop, easy to distribute and only involve popular-fileformat graphics, sounds, music.

For Delphi as well as for Kylix, using custom components should be done only if they are available for both platforms. Components can help a lot and save worktime, but they are useless if the game could be run on Windows and not on Linux.

The game should be distributed in a ZIP file, self-installable for Windows and also for Linux.


This project is still under development.
If you want to contribute, visit our Sourceforge page for any useful information.




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